Good people make good partners.

There was a time when you could take a handshake to the bank. Today, the legal and regulatory environment requires us to devote more time to completing paperwork and formalizing agreements. However, when it comes to who we do business with, Gottsch Livestock Feeders continues to operate under our original principle that good people make good partners.

Indian Creek Golf Course

Championship golf course and club featuring 27 holes of impeccably maintained play.

Omaha Fixture International

For over 70 years they’ve provided the staff and expertise to install all of your commercial fixtures.

The Still

Lincoln’s Fine Wine & Spirits Superstore. A home for everything from bar-b-que six-packs to high-end spirits and wine.

Maple Athletic Complex

Omaha’s premier indoor athletic complex. Featuring batting cages, indoor tennis, pickleball, and a soccer field.

Standard Iron Works

Omaha’s local structural steel fabricator specializing in both commercial and residential construction.