It is the epitaph on his headstone and it would define Bob Gottsch’s legacy, though he never intended it to. He was simply a man who was committed to do everything to the best of his ability and would expect the same out of those around him. That same commitment has passed onto his sons and is reflected in the high standards and unending work ethic of the entire Gottsch Livestock Feeders operation.

The Age of Expansion

As the late 1970s progressed, Bob purchased half interest in Juniata Feedyard with Ken Morrison, who taught Bob discipline when it came to accounting, borrowing basis and insurance.  In the 1980s, Bob’s sons became part of the Gottsch operation as the business grew exponentially. A purchase of a Kansas feedlot in 1984, was only the beginning. 


Soon, as the company grew, so did the opportunity to partner with like-minded cattle people. In 1985, the Gottsch family partnered with rancher and cattle feeder Gerald Timmerman of Timmerman Brothers to operate the Peter Kiewit Foundation’s Pawnee Springs Ranch.


In 1989 the Gottsch family built the Red Cloud feed yard from the ground up. This facility was in important step forward in the implementation of modern management practices, and today remains on the leading edge of progressive, sustainable cattle feeding.


This expansion would make Gottsch an industry leader and set the stage for the Gottsch family to take the company into the new millennium and beyond.

The Next Generation

Today, Gottsch Livestock Feeders continues its commitment to progressive cattle feeding and management practices. By continuing to utilize the latest technology and equipment, and by employing some of the best cattle production professionals Gottsch will continue to remain an industry leader.

“Someone should write a book about that guy.”

They did. The legacy of Bob Gottsch is recounted in the stories and tales of the people who knew him best. Commissioned by his sons and dedicated to “ag kids everywhere, kids who work hard and get their butt kicked a few times along the way by parents who just want them to be able to survive the life.” An engrossing tale of an incredible life. Order a copy here.